New York. 2013.

New York. 2013.

October 2014


I started my blog AFASIONE.COM more than 3 years ago when it became apparent I needed an outlet for my love of writing and fashion. The journey of AFASIONE.COM has been extraordinary - and I cannot discount the amount of growth I've had from that experience. That said, I couldn't help but feel limited by the platform, which at times felt manufactured and impersonal. As such I've lost the will to blog. I couldn't even blame it on writer's block; rather I point a finger at the monotony and constraints I had set for myself. Stupid? Yes, you can say that. Ergo I had a self-professed "soul-searching" moment.

Fast forward and here we are on my new blog. A new platform. A new lease at writing. A new perspective on fashion. A new stake at life. I realised that in the limited space I had in my old blog, I actually wrote about a few things I was passionate about. I just had to zone in to those and give myself the license to begin anew. This time around I say "I gotta do what I gotta do, you know?"

It's time to be more personal - write about what I think and feel, share my perspective, my experiences (however limited they may be). THROUGHAELASEYES.COM is now up and running because it's for me to share MYSELF - to who or what, does it matter? I'm just going to say, share and seed things as I see fit. After all - it's THROUGH MY EYES isn't it?

<3 Aela


Anthony Abalos, also known as Aela was born and raised in the Philippines. In 2008, he moved to Singapore pursuing a career in Marketing & Brand Management. Currently, Aela is a Global Brand Manager for Unilever - working in the British-based company's Personal Care division. 

Known amongst family, friends and colleagues for his eye for beauty, sense of style and obsession for fashion, beauty care, shopping and luxury. This empowered him back in May 2011 to start his first blog AFASIONE.COM. October 2014 marks his blog's revamp with THROUGHAELASEYES.COM, still under the AFASIONE fold. THROUGHAELASEYES.COM will consist mostly of his thoughts, personal experiences and observations on life in general - of course zoning in on his key passion points - delivered through his observed unique take on things in the world.

New York. 2013.

New York. 2013.


  1. Anthony's nickname - Aela (pronounced as Ay-la) - actually stands for the initials of his full name and was first used by friends during his 3rd year in secondary school back in the Philippines.
  2. Typical first impression of Aela is that he's a cold-hearted bitch (!) - but in reality he's just a major introvert, as such a shy and reserved person. Shocking for someone who's taken up blogging eh? He takes his time to warm up but when he does...WATCH OUT!
  3. He's known to be quite the homebody - mainly because being the introvert that he is he needs his alone time to reenergise.
  4. Aela is deathly allergic to...alcohol...yes alcohol. He can take a glass or a sip depending on the drink but otherwise don't even think about spiking anything he's taking; else be ready to call the ambulance!
  5. His mind is constantly racing and when it does he just babbles on and on. But when you see him in a corner with his earphones on, that's when he's honing in on one of them and bringing it to life. So don't ever disturb him when he's in the zone lest you want to experience the coldest and bitchiest stare ever.
  6. Aela is a middle child and has 2 sisters who are based back in the Philippines with his entire family.
  7. He's a neat freak - maybe not to the point of obsessive-compulsiveness - but he definitely has a place for everything and anything. Check out his closet.
  8. Pop culture - it's in his DNA. He's an uber fan of mainstream TV shows, movies and music.
  9. Shoes and bags are his absolute fashion obsession - well at the moment more so shoes than bags. Care to guess how many shoes and bags he's got?
  10. He has a major sweet tooth. Chocolates - he will devour them. Cakes, cupcakes, cronuts, donuts - you name it, he'll eat it (well mostly I think).